Final two placements open for applications

January 14, 2010

The last two placements expected for this pilot project are open for applications for interested students and recent graduates.

The first, with Glasgow Council for Voluntary Services (GCVS) was actually advertised via the careers network and Goodmoves shortly before the Xmas break – but has now had its deadline extended and some minor changes. The role is a Development Assistant role working on a project aimed at improving involvement from minority ethnic groups and faith groups in the city.

The second is with the Scottish Youth Parliament (based in Edinburgh), and is billed as a Parliamentary Affairs role, and will involve developing work aimed at involving young people in political matters in some specific areas.

For more information and to apply, please see the placement profiles and person specifications below.

If you are an applicant, please do read the application guidance and take the time to produce a thought out, targetted application – you are far more likely to succeed. As a general rule simply firing off a very generic CV to every email address you can find that is associated with a job opportunity is a hugely ineffective way to get invited to interview – yet it is amazing how many emails I get that appear to be exactly that, and don’t even identify what opportunity they wish to apply for!

Placement profiles and application details:

GCVS – Jan2010 Student Placement Spec and details – EXTENDED

SYP Parliamentary Intern Placement Profile and Person spec

Please note the deadline for both opportunities for application is Wednesday 27th January.


New placements begin – NACAS and Highland Hospice

January 12, 2010

Iain Crosbie, appointed to the placement in the North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service, started on Monday for his six week placement – and I’m told all is looking good so far. Due to the current weather, Matthew Middler, who was appointed to the Highland Hospice placement, was unable to travel up to Inverness from Aberdeen to start his, so it has been pushed back by one week and is expected to start next Monday.

Both will be doing project blogs, but this time we’re keeping them private until the end of the placements, when they will be linked in here!

Good luck Iain and Matthew!

Applications close on next two placements

December 8, 2009

With the closing date now passed, we recieved several good applications and are currently in the process of arranging interviews – candidates will be contacted soon. We are confident of selecting a suitable person for both of the two placements and continuing our successful pilot!

Two new placements launched

November 20, 2009

Our next two placements are now going to advertisement – both of them paid internships. We are looking for one student/recent graduate for a development role in event fundraising at Highland Hospice, in Inverness. The other placement is one we already advertised earlier in the year, but not as a paid internship. We think the timing and the lack of payment were probably the main factors in us not getting applications from suitable candidates, so are trying it again! That placement is the role investigating the Investors in Volunteering ‘kite-mark’ for the North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service (NACAS), and is based in Saltcoats.

Closing date on both is December 4th with interviews the following week and a start date intended to be right after the New Year. Read further for application details. Read the rest of this entry »

Two new CAB placements now open for applications

September 16, 2009

As promised here are the next two placements. Both are based within Citizens Advice Bureaux, but are quite different in focus.

At CAB Ross & Cromarty, they are looking for someone on a part-time voluntary basis (with possibility of full-time subject to funding and suitability, potentially with an internship payment) to look mainly at their strategy for outreach to and recruitment of young people.

At the North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service (a group of CABx in that area) they are looking for someone part-time voluntary to investigate the Investing in Volunteers (IIV) standard, and produce an assessment of what would be involved for NACAS in working towards accreditation.

Both are great opportunities for the right students/very recent graduates.

Applications are open now, and close at noon on Monday 12th October – so you have plenty of time to apply this time! I’d like to highlight the following to applicants:

  • Read the role specification and details carefully
  • Pay attention to what we ask for in the application
  • Make sure you give us the info we need about you in a clear and easy format – the easier it is for us to tick the boxes, the more likely you are to be shortlisted!

Adverts should be going round the network shortly via Careers Services, and in the case of the Ross & Cromarty placement through the UHI network, as well as on Goodmoves.

You can also download the application packs here:

NACAS IiV Student Placement Final details and spec

Ross and Cromarty CAB spec and details – Final

Preparing for next placements

September 10, 2009

Things have been a little slow and quiet lately due to the usual August issues of people being off on holidays and so on, but we are about ready to proceed with our next two placements, both of which are proposed to be within Citizens Advice Bureaux – one in North Ayrshire and one all the way up at Ross & Cromarty. The first will deliver essentially a ‘pre-assessment’ for CAB North Ayrshire on its readiness to undergo Investing in Volunteers (IIV) accreditation. The placement holder will learn about the standard and what is involved in going through the process, and will then assess what the CAB already has in place, and therefore how much work is likely to be involved in taking forward the IIV standard. The second will focus on development of a new approach for the CAB to engage with younger people, promote their services to that group and recruit volunteers from among them.

Both are ambitious and challenging placements that should provide excellent experiences for suitable candidates. We hope to begin advertising next week with a lot more notice this time – aiming for an Oct 12th closing date.

Samaritans Placement holders appointed

August 3, 2009

The interviews that took place last Friday were all of an extremely high standard. In the end it was so difficult to choose between the two best candidates, who were both each in their own ways ‘the best choice’ that an unexpected decision resulted – we altered the placement to accomodate both of them on a part-time basis. This allows both flexibility to accomodate other commitments, and to have someone to work with on the project, which should be of numerous benefits given the ambitious scale of the work that needs to be carried out.

We look forward to Catriona and Thomas starting at Samaritans this Wednesday!

If you’d like to follow their progress, they will have their own placement blogs, which can now be found on our new Placement Blogs page.