SHEEN Student work placements in the Voluntary Sector project

This project, commissioned by the Higher Education Academy through the Scottish Higher Education Employability Network (SHEEN) has the following aims:

• To investigate the needs of the voluntary sector and universities with regards to developing partnerships between the two – particularly around employability initiatives.

• To run a pilot scheme of diverse work placements (paid and voluntary) for students or recent graduates within voluntary sector organisations.

• To monitor and evaluate the outcomes of these placements and demonstrate the value of such a scheme.

• To produce a final report presenting these outcomes and learning gained from the project, and make recommendations for sustainably continuing a voluntary sector placement scheme.
The project is scheduled to run until early spring 2010, with placements beginning during the summer break of 2009 and continuing through the first semester of the ‘09-‘10 academic session.

We are seeking voluntary sector organisation staff willing to participate in the initial research stage of the project, and also for potential placement hosts. If you have an interest in learning how better to attract graduate talent to the voluntary sector, engage students with your organisation, or in benefitting from hosting a placement please contact us.


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