Project wrapping up

April 28, 2010

Over the past weeks I’ve been collecting the monitoring and evaluation data from the finalĀ  placements that have come to an end, and begun the process of pulling it all together into a final report. Initially I can say that the results of the entire pilot project have exceeded the best expectations of the steering group, delivering a resounding endorsement of the idea of structured and facilitated placements for students within the voluntary sector.

The final report will be published soon. In the meantime, links are now live to all placement blogs (click the link to the right to access the list) so you can read about the experiences that have been had by the students that took part.


Event at the Gathering coming up

February 9, 2010

We will be doing a seminar session at this year’s Gathering – the largest convention and networking event of the voluntary sector in Scotland, run by SCVO. The session will showcase what we have done so far and discuss the great potential for student internships in the voluntary sector to both help the students with their employability, and help organisations achieve particular specialist project goals they would otherwise be unable to resource.

You can find the event page here on the Gathering website.

GCVS placement given to two students

February 9, 2010

After yet another difficult selection and interview process, we chose Ashleigh Wilson and Audrey Whiteside to take on the Information Officer role jointly over an 8 week period. Both are current students, with one currently studying at Glasgow Caledonian and the other with Open University, respectively.

I’m sure they will do very well! they were in for an induction talk today and start work properly next week.

Final two placements open for applications

January 14, 2010

The last two placements expected for this pilot project are open for applications for interested students and recent graduates.

The first, with Glasgow Council for Voluntary Services (GCVS) was actually advertised via the careers network and Goodmoves shortly before the Xmas break – but has now had its deadline extended and some minor changes. The role is a Development Assistant role working on a project aimed at improving involvement from minority ethnic groups and faith groups in the city.

The second is with the Scottish Youth Parliament (based in Edinburgh), and is billed as a Parliamentary Affairs role, and will involve developing work aimed at involving young people in political matters in some specific areas.

For more information and to apply, please see the placement profiles and person specifications below.

If you are an applicant, please do read the application guidance and take the time to produce a thought out, targetted application – you are far more likely to succeed. As a general rule simply firing off a very generic CV to every email address you can find that is associated with a job opportunity is a hugely ineffective way to get invited to interview – yet it is amazing how many emails I get that appear to be exactly that, and don’t even identify what opportunity they wish to apply for!

Placement profiles and application details:

GCVS – Jan2010 Student Placement Spec and details – EXTENDED

SYP Parliamentary Intern Placement Profile and Person spec

Please note the deadline for both opportunities for application is Wednesday 27th January.

New placements begin – NACAS and Highland Hospice

January 12, 2010

Iain Crosbie, appointed to the placement in the North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service, started on Monday for his six week placement – and I’m told all is looking good so far. Due to the current weather, Matthew Middler, who was appointed to the Highland Hospice placement, was unable to travel up to Inverness from Aberdeen to start his, so it has been pushed back by one week and is expected to start next Monday.

Both will be doing project blogs, but this time we’re keeping them private until the end of the placements, when they will be linked in here!

Good luck Iain and Matthew!

Applications close on next two placements

December 8, 2009

With the closing date now passed, we recieved several good applications and are currently in the process of arranging interviews – candidates will be contacted soon. We are confident of selecting a suitable person for both of the two placements and continuing our successful pilot!

Congrats Catriona – project scores a big result for one graduate

November 30, 2009

We’re delighted to hear the news that one of our first placement holders Catriona, who took part in the Samaritans placement, has just secured a full-time job at British Lung Foundation as their new Membership and Publications Assistant. According to Catriona her experience on her SHEEN Placement “almost certainly got me the job”.

We’re delighted for Catriona, and of course for the ringing endorsement this result brings to the pilot placement project.

Remember folks there are two placements open for applications right now until the end of this week (Dec 4th). See the earlier post for details.